4 Benefits of hiring a web agency

4 Benefits of hiring a web agency… A website for your business should be a passive marketing tool that drives your online presence, not a stressful project that takes away time from what you do best. Here you can find 4 benefits of hiring a web agency.

1. Your time is precious, focus on what you do best

4 Benefits of Hiring a Web Agency
Focus on what you do best!

When you first start a new venture, be it a business idea for the now, a side hustle for the future or something non-profit you’re passionate about, a website should be the first thing on your mind; This however, does not mean you should spend 4 weeks on a development crash-course just to build an “okay-ish” website.

Hiring either a web agency or an established freelancer will allow you the time to focus on whatever it is you do best, so the product/service you offer is optimized for your launch.

2. A complete and professional site… benefits of hiring a web agency

As briefly mentioned in benefit 1, creating a site by yourself when you have no experience in web development is not a good idea. You could be left with a half-assed looking, broken site that puts-off your visitors and repulses potential customers.

A web developer ensures your sites most important attributes:

  • Stability & updates
  • Security & bug fixes
  • SEO (See our blog post about search engine optimization)
  • Great looking, conversion based design

3. Hosting, support & maintenance… do you really want to deal with it?

4 Benefits of Hiring a Web Agency
Really want to deal with the annoyances of maintaining your site?

Maintaining a website can be quite tedious when all you want to do is focus on your passion. Hosting a website, contacting support when it goes wrong, researching work-arounds etc. are all time consuming necessities if you’re going to run your site yourself.

This is very similar to benefit 1 (and everything benefit for that matter) in that, you can leave this all down to the developer whilst you sit back and watch your business grow.

4. You will look trust-worthy!

In 2021, people like to do this thing called “social proofing”, even if they don’t know they’re doing it. Social proofing is when a customer looking for a product or service researches the company in mind and makes a calculated decision of whether they’ll buy or not. They ask themselves questions, based of a few variables:

  • Do they have social media pages > If so how many followers > How often do they post?
  • Do they have a website > Is that website padlock secured (SSL) > Do I deem it trustworthy from the content?
  • Does the design resonate with who I am and who I want to do business with?

Once you have a site designed and developed by WebClicksDesign (contact here), your business will look trust worthy to visitors, boosting your conversion rates and inevitably driving custom and eyes to your work.

Ready to hire?

Hiring a web designer/developer to do your dirty work for you has never been easier.

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We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to get involved in your new project.