3 quick ways to make the most from your website

So, you’ve finally got a website for your new idea, great! Now, where do you go from there? Is that it? Am I now a 222IQ marketing genius? Probably not, (unless of course you are, and in that case, this post should be irrelevant to you). For most, the next steps after getting a website can be a steep learning curve. With things from SEO optimization, getting found on Google and actually driving traffic to your site, it can all feel a bit overwhelming. This post is a specifically designed powerhouse of tips and tricks to take the stress away and get a clear path on what to do next. Without further ado, here’s 3 quick ways to make the most from your website.

1. Responsive sites are crucial

Having a responsive site is probably the biggest thing in modern web design, hence it’s number one on our list.

You’ve got yourself an awesome looking desktop site, that looks clean with good content, and makes sense from a user perspective, great! What about the mobile and tablet users? Have you catered for them by optimizing your site for all devices? The percentage of mobile device website traffic worldwide from 1st quarter 2015 to 3rd quarter 2020 has gone up from 31.16% to a whopping 50.81%, (peaking at 52.99% later 2017).

So quite literally half of the worlds website users are on mobile or tablet, which means that in affect if your site isn’t responsive to such devices, potentially you could be losing half of your visitors.

Ensuring your site looks good on all devices, (or at least the most common ones) is proven to be effective in driving traffic and expected revenue.

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2. You need to be on Google My Business

Google recently released a rather unsurprising statistic that proves the platforms dominance in the search engine game. Over 94% of people who use Google only look at the first page of search results, and in order to get on that first page takes time and practice, (never-mind being first on the list).

When you’ve completed your Google My Business account and received the authentication code through the mail, (which take around 1-2 weeks to turn up at your door), your business will then be shown on Google maps when users search for a relative product or service. This is integral for your website as it showcases things such as:

  • Button to your website
  • Your phone number and email address
  • Your working hours
  • Where people can book appointments
  • Reviews from clients or customers
  • A brief description about what you do
3 quick ways to make the most from your website
3 quick ways to make the most from your website

3. Optimize your site for Search Engines

You should now have a responsive site that is being showcased through Google My Business, right? Awesome! Now you need to do one more thing. 3 letters. 1 acronym. SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is essentially the practice in which your site is improved so that Google suggests it more often and/or higher up the list than others in that same category. For example, right now you’re reading this blog post because you found it on Google, right? You searched for information and Google provided you with the best and most informative URL’s out there to get you what you need; and guess what – now you’re on this website.

So how do I practice SEO in my website? Easy.

Using keywords, alt attributes, unique titles and content, category pages, image and title tags, internal and external links are all amazing practices that are sure to boost your rankings on Google and other search engines alike.

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